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About Us

We are one of the most reputable names you will encounter in the fence installation business. We have served plenty of happy customers in our almost three decades in the industry. There are plenty of fence companies who may offer you unrealistically low prices for their services.
Unfortunately, this may be at the expense of quality. It is very important that you select only the most trusted and experienced fence companies.

Fences are now necessity

Fences are now considered as highly necessary for many properties, be it residential or even commercial. There is no doubt that fences contribute a great deal in providing added security and privacy for your properties. However, these are not all.

Fences can also be an important decorative part of your home exterior. This is very important in making a great impression to guests and even those passing by. Since it will be one of the first parts of your house which people will see, investing on a well-designed fence is a must. 

Selection that can suit your different needs

To make sure that every unique need for fences is attended to, we offer our customers with options to choose from.

We have a selection that can suit your different needs, whether you are having fences installed for your house, commercial space, courts, or farms. We understand that not everyone is familiar with the right type of fences for them. Because of this, our expert team can explain each type for you to assess which one would be the best choice. 

The Los Angeles Fences Company upholds that fence installation does more than providing you with privacy, security, and delineating your boundaries. It is also great for decorating your home exterior. 

We Understand Your Needs

We understand the needs of our clients when it comes to privacy. Having your own space at home is essential for comfort.

A durable, sturdy, well-fitted fence that is adequately tall is important in keeping burglars and stray animals away from your property. This is important in ensuring your security.

Marking the limits of your property is also necessary to prevent any future problems with neighbors. Lastly, fences should serve both form and function. It will be an added benefit if your fences can serve the function they were installed for, while also adding appeal to your property. 

If you have inquiries about our fence installation services in Los Angeles, call us today at 310-361-5119


Why fences are a must nowadays

These days, fences are a necessity for many homes and even commercial sites. There are two major reasons why fences are a must nowadays. First is for security purposes, and the other is for ensuring privacy.

At The Los Angeles Fence Company, we understand that different clients have different needs and requirements for their fences. We also recognize that all property owners require that only the best materials will be used when installing a fence for their property.

In response to this, we make it to a point that we only source our materials from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.


We will provide you with superior quality

We will provide you with superior quality vinyl, wooden panels, steel and aluminum fences, chain links, simtek, and many other materials.

Our team of expert crew will make sure that the installation process will be done smoothly, causing little disturbance to your environments. When we say that we offer the highest quality when it comes to our products and services, it does not mean that we also demand the highest prices.

In fact, we can offer you our services at very competitive rates.Fences are now considered as highly necessary for many properties, be it residential or even commercial.

Vinyl Fence Installation
Los Angeles

When completing their homes, many homeowners nowadays require having fences installed due to their need for privacy and security. One of the most commonly used fence types these days are vinyl fences. For a fence company like ours, vinyl fencing is actually one of our top sellers.Many clients choose this type because it is sturdy, inexpensive, and on top of all these, pleasing to the eyes.

Simtek Fence Installation
Los Angeles

People who choose simtek fences have them installed for three major reasons. These are its affordable price, durable quality, and stylish look. When it comes to looking for form and function at the most reasonable rates, there is no reason to look further when you already have an option to install simtek fences. This type of fence is designed to be sturdy enough to endure any forceful impacts.

Steel and Aluminum Fence Installation Los Angeles

Adding fences to your homes is now considered as a necessity for most homes in the country. Among the very popular type of fences are those made from metal, usually steel or aluminum. One important advantage of email is it also allows fabrication of ornamental designs due to its malleability. This adds a unique appeal and aesthetic to the exterior of your property.

1) Do you Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, we provide our customers with estimates for any project for free. From our experience with our clients from the many years we have been in business, we know how important getting free estimates is prior to beginning a project. We have an expert team responsible for providing you with a reliable project estimate in no time. we will have our crew take a quick visit to your site to get the correct measurements.

The information will be handed offer to our staff based in the office. Here, calculations and estimations will be made. Call us at 310-361-5119 to get your free estimate today.

2) How soon you can Install my Fence?

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to how soon the project can be started. For example, the length of time it will take to install different types of fences are going to be different.

The difference in the type of materials used is also important as some types may take more time to fabricate, delaying the start of the installation. Considering the time to fabricate plus the processing of some permits, the whole project may take about 5 weeks. If fabrication is not necessary and no permits are needed, it will only be 2 to 4 weeks. 

3) How long will my fence Installation take?

As a company, we commit to sticking with the schedule we made with you. The installation process itself can take around one to two weeks. However, it will be important to note that the total amount of time to be spent in installing your fence still depends on the specific type of fence you have chosen. There are certain fences that can take more time to be fitted.

Holidays can also delay working schedules. In these cases, the projects may anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. However, we will be always be communicating any schedule changes or delays with you. 

4) Will you obtain a Fence permit for my Project?

Yes, we make sure to secure permits first before beginning any project. One important principle we uphold as a company is our respect for rules and regulations. We understand that these regulations were set in certain places for a reason. This is important to our clients and to the whole community at large. Your cooperation would be necessary in securing permits.

We would need you to provide us with a signature notarization, approval form from the local neighborhood association, approval form signed by your neighbors, and a mortgage survey. If you have any inquiries or clarifications about permits, call us at 310-361-5119

5) What types of fencing materials do you  install?

We at the Los Angeles Fence Company has a wide array of options for fencing products and services that you can choose from. Some of the types of fencing material popular to our clients include simtek fence, steel fence, aluminum fence, cedar wood fence, chain link fence, vinyl fence, and many others. These materials may be used for projects involving residences and for commercial sites as well.

We can also offer you many options to choose from if you are on a less flexible budget. For instance, vinyl fencing is recommended for clients on a tight budget who prioritize privacy when choosing fences. If you have more inquiries, we are available at 3310-361-5119.