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Temporary Fence Installation Los Angeles

There is a number of reasons why some people need temporary fences. Whatever the specific reason may be, the common characteristic this group of people share is that they would not need a fence permanently installed within their property. Temporary fences are still important in giving some level of privacy and security to those who need it. There is also a variety of materials used for temporary fences. The materials we offer for those clients seeking temporary fence installations are supplied by the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. We ensure that even temporary fences are the of the best quality.


When it comes to temporary fence installations, there are plenty of choices to choose from. We at the Los Angeles Fence Company offers you every possible option. Examples are panels, water barricades, and even anti-scale fences. Here is brief description of each type to help you in choosing.

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The advantage of panels as temporary fence is seen in situation where a larger area needs to be separated into smaller sections. In this case, the panels function as partitions. The panel to be used can be made from many different types of materials such as chain link, wood, and is some cases, even barbed wire.

 Water Barricades

Water barricades are a type of temporary fencing seen in many construction activities. It can keep water from seeping through areas where it should not.

Anti-scale Fences

For those who need maximum security even with temporary fencing, we recommend an anti-scale fence for you. This type of fence is composed of tall panels, usually eight feet in height. The fence itself is made from durable mesh with steel plates. This can efficiently stop intruders and burglars from going over your fence.

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